Grimace - Commencement

Blood sweat and tar drinking  (Mommo)
You better wait  (J.House, P.Reig)
Boyscout  (S.Manner-Raappana, H.Mommo)
I believe in cheeses  (Mommo)
Childhood´s forced feeding  (various, medley)
Love me  (Mommo)
Don´t call it love  (K.McAuliffe)
Frosty flowers  (Mommo, Tapio)
Have a point  (Mommo)
A bolt from the pink  (Mommo)
The witching  (Meliah Rage)
The love of my life  (Mommo)
Stand up and shout  (Dio, Bain)
Train robbers  (Mommo)

Ari Tapio - vocals, keyboards, bass, acoustic guitar, programming
Sami Manner-Raappana - drums
Harri Mommo - guitar, bass, vocals
Pekka Kalkkinen - bass
Christian Huhtala - vocals
Jaana Mommo - vocals

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